Monday, May 3, 2010

May Challenge and OSBS Update

Okay guys! We're going to try something new. After emailing with a few people a couple months ago, the idea to do theme challenges came up. We will still have a whole month to do this, but if the turn out is good and we want to move along faster then we can try bi-weekly. But for now it will be whole month.

Also, at the end of this month I will be evaluating this blog again in terms of whether or not it's worth upkeeping. Hopefully, we'll get some new people on board soon, what with the upcoming gradution and all. Anyway, that's where we are at right now. On with the callenge.

May Challenge

Theme: Zombies
Pretty much anything you want to do with them is fine, just draw a zombie. Will it be funny? Scary? Will you turn a celebrity or an already established fictional character into a zombie? It is up to you!

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