Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Red Shorts

Monday, June 29, 2009


I don't know if Dennis told us this, but check the 1980 winner for this prize:
Oddest Title

Quite a surprise when I stumbled across it.

Above: Edwin Longsden Long, The Babylonian Marriage Market, 1875.

Hey everyone,
I noticed that the "Paintings from the Reign of Victoria" exhibit at the Yale Center for British Art was mentioned in a comment, so I thought that I should add that: 

1. There were some very lovely paintings there.

2. If you have the chance before July 26, you should go see it.

3. As per Dennis (and I will second), stop by the Yale Art Gallery across the street and find the Edwin Austin Abbey scene from Hamlet.  It's Fantastic, and yes, that's a capitol "F".  (Dennis and Doug thought it was the best painting they'd seen that day, and I would agree.)  

4. If you go, stop at Atticus Bookstore (in the same building as the British Art) and grab a loaf of New Haven made Chabasso bread for $1.  Roasted Garlic if they have it.

5. Oh, and pizza! Pepe's, Sally's, Modern on State St, BAR on Crown...

Part of a collaborative project

In response to a written piece on a moment in someone's summer. And so I simultaneously pick up the 2nd Sunday Challenge.

Everyone's stuff is looking great, by the way!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Drawn and painted from life... acrylic on canvas. Tomorrow is another day.

One more sketch...

Drawn from life while I was in upstate New York a few weeks ago. I wanna make an etching based off of this, but I have no idea how to make etchings... :(

Johnny Cash

From sketchbook. Drawn from photo obviously.

The Last Sunday Challenge

One of the biggest obstacles is to overcome yourself. Do a project that you think you need improving. It might be drawing 15 pages of hands, feet, ears, full figures, color studies or buildings in perspective. Take until the end of the month to complete this one if you need.

As of July it'd be great if everyone kept posting. We will have another themed month in the future. Great job to everyone who participated, stay in touch, and most importantly keep drawing.

June 27

Drawing from life. 10 minutes.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Challenge #2

Saturday, June 27. Summer.

One day I hope to turn this into an actual finished illustration.

June 27th - John Locke Part 3

Layer 3 - First application layer of pastel pencils, probably one more layer and then the final

Friday, June 26, 2009

Life Sketches

From a few weeks ago. Sketches of random people while I was in New York, and some hands. Please full view :)

June 25th - John Locke Part 2

Layer 2 - Sharpened detail and some tonal values to prepare for pastel pencil.

Week's Worth of Sketches

I apologize for my absence and for the huge post. A week of entertaining has finally ceased and I can tend to my sketches.

Monday. June 22. I found this sweet pen in one of our many pen drawers. It's a freebie from a bank but I love how I draw with it.

Tuesday. June 23.

Wednesday. June 24. I drew that feeder and the surrounding area waiting for a hummingbird to come. He eventually did.

Thursday. June 25. Henry VIII responding to Anne Boleyn's beguiling nature while Katherine of Aragon witnesses the making of her future demise.

Friday. June 26. Sometimes at my friend's house we listen to Harry Potter audiobooks into the wee night hours. This is Harry and Dumbledore in his study about to take another informative look into the Pensieve.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Never Forget.

Unfinished character design.

This got on my nerves, hence I gave up on it for now. I plan on doing some similar character designs like it soon though.

June 24th - John Locke Part 1

Since this is going to be a multi-layer project, i figured i would post the 1st layer light sketch of Mr. Locke...my two choice for this are watercolor or pastel pencil...any opinions??

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Only Jack Around

June 21, 22, 23

The last sketch is a character from Lost. Took three tries in 45 minutes. :-\ I couldn't get into the zone until the last drawing. I feel distracted lately. Although everyone needs a warm up sketch or two.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From now until post-wedding

Sorry, guys. I'd been trying to keep up with the daily sketches and challenges, but since the pressures of planning a wedding have completely fallen on my head, I really can't keep up. However, I will post when I can. No more rushing to do make-up's. Honestly, the stuff I rush to get done looks like crap and I'd rather post the things I'm actually putting time into. It'll be a while before I can post more consistently again.

That being said, here's a little something I put together in Paint Shop Pro 7. I was working out some different designs for my wedding invitations, and did this as a little side project/distraction. It's not a real advertisement, just for fun.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sketch #2

Another sketch I just did. I had a lot of fun last week doing various character drawings so I elaborated a little more on the one I posted a few days ago.

30 minutes in Photoshop

Aplogies to HR Giger. One layer, one brush. Will probably do a few more speedpaints tonight to make up for missed days... but I'll see. :)

June 21st

playing with my new toys, le pens and the greatest silver pen eeeeeever

Weekend Sketches

I've been behind lately. Here are some life drawings from this weekned.
June 20, my friend's little sister.

June 21, yours truly.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Sunday Challenge #2

Ok, same rules, you can apply the challenge to any of your sketches for this week. (I'm posting on Saturday because I won't be around for most of Sunday). As suggested by one of you, the challenge to is do something "Summer-y" Draw/Paint/sketch something that represents to you what summer is all about. Whether it is flowers, the pool, the beach, sunsets, you get the idea.

If you have an idea for a sunday challenge just email: Joinsketchsociety@yahoo.com

Also if you are interested in continueing the "The June Challenge" into July, send (Joinsketchsociety@yahoo.com) an email saying that you think this is great and we should keep going!

All the sketches are looking great! Everyone keep it up!

ps. everyone should check this out, it's a blog entry about Dennis :-)


(and if I don't get any suggestions I'm going to make next sunday's challenge to draw an ear from life.)

June 18th and 19th

Sketched out a thank you card on the 18th, then made the card on the 19th. (Actually I have to make 14 cards... and 6 are made... wahoo...) I might get a sketch done tonight, I might not, either way I'll make it up tomorrow.

Montclair and Ithaca

I'm late again.

Kinda sick of making environments so I'm doing some character designs.

Need a scanner still...

Weekly Challenge

The artist I chose to pay homage to is Charles Dana Gibson. I absolutely love the simplicity and elegance of his illustrations. I stretched the challenge into two days worth of sketches.

Thursday, June 18. A version of the Gibson Girl in my style.

Friday, June 19. Hopefully what will be coined as "the Bucci Girl" one day, in the scratchy pen style of Gibson. (I even tried to emulate his signature)

Friday, June 19, 2009

June 18th and 19th

Litte bit of breakthrough for me being that I did these guys out of my head which i haven't really been able to do before.
Messed up face because i used wrong paper, but early concept of a character from a graphic novel i'm involved in.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tudor Roses

June 17. Mary Rose Tudor & Margaret Tudor finishes off the series. And as a special treat, here's the whole family together!

June 17th

I have been sketching over the past three days, but those sketches were awful. So I won't waste your time with them. Instead I did two drawings for today. The second drawing is of my new friend Domo. Domo and Kyle helped me build my studio table this past weekend (which came out awesome!).

14, 15, 16, and a wedding dress

I don't actually have a picture of the dress I picked out, but it's exciting to share that I finally went out and did the trying on dresses thing. And not only did I try them on, I found my dress. And I feel so pretty in it! Pretty much why I don't have a post for today. I do have three from yesterday, though.

My sister was telling me things to draw, and tried to draw them with my eyes closed, like sensosketch from the game, Cranium.

These two are sketches for a possible project I might tackle someday.

June 17th

random joker while lying in bed

Wiggly Wednesday