Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Clean Up

Hey, guys! As you may have noticed, I spent the afternoon tidying up OSBS. I deleted members who I haven't heard back from, or who haven't posted in a while and don't seem to be interested anymore. Or, you know, too busy or whatever. Anyway, if you have been deleted from the members list, it is not personal. I promise. I am simply trying to keep things organized and updated. If you notice that you have been removed but would like to stay on board, just throw me an email and I'll put you back on. And try to post once in a while so you don't get removed again. Some of you I have talked to already about the technical difficulties you are having, so no worries. Just post when you can.


Class of 2010! Congratulations! You are all invited to join this blog! Email us if you are interested and tell all your art buddies who don't know.

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