Wednesday, February 24, 2010

March Madness for the Masters

Hey, y'all! Jenna will be hibernating for a while, and she asked if I would take over Open Sketch Book Society in the meantime. Of course, I said I would. So, to keep up with the original pupose of this blog -which is to be used as a place for encouragement, critique, accountability, and for challenging each other to push further in the endeavors we are already undertaking- I am proposing a new challenge for the upcoming month of March to modivated those of us (myself included) who are in need of an idea, who have not been making art lately, or who have just been considerably inconsistent about posting their progress.

If you don't want to do the challenge, that is totally okay. My hope is that this blog will be revived in someway, and if that means posting the few warm up sketches you have throughout the week, that's fine. The point is that we stay in touch with each other. I have not been posting because I have not been drawing. Lame! Let's get drawing, kids!

The challenge for March is this:

Choose one of the Old Masters, do some research on him or her, and at the end of the month have a piece of contribution to that artist. This is very open-ended. It can be a remake of an artist's work, something you do based on their style or what you learn about them, or even a series using a technique they used. The options are unlimited. The only definitive guideline is that you research the artist and explain to the rest of us what you learned and why you did the piece you did.

It's still early so there is plenty of time. Ready. Set. Go!

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