Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Great TED Talk on Optical Illusions

This lecture is fantastic. Anyone who paints, draws, writes or plays music knows that it is not the particular notes, words, or dots of color which matter but how they exist in relation to other notes, words, or dots of color. As artist we squint, establish our darkest darks to anchor those relationships, and employ other methods to see those relationships "truthfully." If any of you are like me you take the skill for granted and can't help but squint and draw in your imagination everywhere you go, often forgetting that others see things "naturally" with all the misperceptions we do our best to avoid. This lecture goes into why we naturally perceive things inaccurately and the function and necessity behind it. It embodies everything I've learned about human experience in both art and philosophy and on top of that is really fun to watch! So enough said, I couldn't recommend this with more enthusiasm!!!!

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