Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thank you cards

I figured since we've already sent out the majority of thank you's it would be all right to go ahead and post the designs we used. I did these last month. Sort of quick and random, but still fun. And I've been getting lots of compliments on them. Do keep in mind these were printed on yellowish-colored cardstock.


  1. Is the worm being raised or lowered? (is the glass half full or half empty?)

    I like how the text you use (like in the apple with the wormy text) associates with your image! The lion and the ladybug are adorable!

  2. lol The worm just kind of is. It doesn't really have a thanking conotation whatsoever, so we sent that one to people who we knew would find the humor in it (much like the one with random "kid" doodles). As for the lion, Adam said he looks like Hurley (sp?) from Lost. :)