Friday, June 26, 2009

Week's Worth of Sketches

I apologize for my absence and for the huge post. A week of entertaining has finally ceased and I can tend to my sketches.

Monday. June 22. I found this sweet pen in one of our many pen drawers. It's a freebie from a bank but I love how I draw with it.

Tuesday. June 23.

Wednesday. June 24. I drew that feeder and the surrounding area waiting for a hummingbird to come. He eventually did.

Thursday. June 25. Henry VIII responding to Anne Boleyn's beguiling nature while Katherine of Aragon witnesses the making of her future demise.

Friday. June 26. Sometimes at my friend's house we listen to Harry Potter audiobooks into the wee night hours. This is Harry and Dumbledore in his study about to take another informative look into the Pensieve.

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