Monday, June 29, 2009

Above: Edwin Longsden Long, The Babylonian Marriage Market, 1875.

Hey everyone,
I noticed that the "Paintings from the Reign of Victoria" exhibit at the Yale Center for British Art was mentioned in a comment, so I thought that I should add that: 

1. There were some very lovely paintings there.

2. If you have the chance before July 26, you should go see it.

3. As per Dennis (and I will second), stop by the Yale Art Gallery across the street and find the Edwin Austin Abbey scene from Hamlet.  It's Fantastic, and yes, that's a capitol "F".  (Dennis and Doug thought it was the best painting they'd seen that day, and I would agree.)  

4. If you go, stop at Atticus Bookstore (in the same building as the British Art) and grab a loaf of New Haven made Chabasso bread for $1.  Roasted Garlic if they have it.

5. Oh, and pizza! Pepe's, Sally's, Modern on State St, BAR on Crown...


  1. Miya Sushi is also in New Haven. It is the best sushi you will ever have in your life, even if you don't like sushi. I highly recommend it. A bit expensive but completely worth it.