Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Danielle and I are going to take over this blog. Whether it returns to it's "glory days" or not, I could care less. I'm gonna keep posting in here from time to time, and anybody from UHA, SCAD, or wherever is welcome to join. I'll give any feedback/crits too for anyone who asks.

I haven't posted in a while because I've been too busy with the move to Georgia, and teaching myself Maya (which is hard), but here's a speedpaint I did last night.

I'm without internet at my new house, so I won't be updating as much as I'd like to, but once that gets taken care of in a week or so I'll be back on here.

Peace out from Savannah Georgia,



  1. Yay! Thanks, guys! I've been so busy with life's new projects and challenges that I haven't been able to give this blog the attention it needs. I think Jenna is in the same boat. I think you two will do a great job, and I will post when I can and get critiques when I have something of essence to show.

  2. awesome! (passing the torch)