Monday, July 5, 2010


personal piece... more practice with the figure. besides a few details, no reference used.


  1. Her leg looks funny, dude. Like it's made of rubber or something. Other than that, it looks good. I like the pose and the atmosphere. And I love how she's dropping feathers from her hand. Might be a nice touch to hit the wings and feathers with some hightlights. I'd keep them subtle still, like you have them, but I think a few lighter accents here and there would add nicely to the composition.

  2. i rather envy the fact that you can paint something everyday. it's been a struggle for me. i just seriously need to face the music. her breast is a bit it's flying...maybe it shouldn't be so far out.

  3. i would change the lip shape or line to make her face a little softer, more lady like.

    the boob came out nice! ;)